Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Want Energy Drink Review

So I found something new and interesting - Want energy drink. It is made for a local company from Burlington, which has a very convenient list of stores that sell the drink on their website. There are 2 flavours and their diet alternatives for a total of 4 different energy drinks. The store where I got this from only had the original, the berry flavoured one and I paid $2.99 CAD for the tall, slim bottle.

The energy drink has a weird aroma, one that I wasn't quite expecting and one that reminded me of the nasty Fuel Cell Tropical Fruit shot, but I decided to soldier on. The taste is actually much better than the aroma with its mellow, not too sweet berry taste and light carbonation. The end is where the shot similarities showed themselves - a touch of soapiness that lasts for a few seconds. Though the drink is not very sweet at first, the sweetness gradually builds up and kills the soapy finish. As I continued to consume the beverage, the taste of strawberries and cream soda started to come out. Overall the taste is not very bad, but I cannot say that is something impressive. I did enjoy the light carbonation, which made the consumption easy on the throat.

There are 100 mg of caffeine in this bottle, which for an energy drink marketed towards the "extreme" crowd seems on the lower end of the scale. I still got a nice caffeine kick out of it, but only after I got the sugar kick first because each bottle contains 38 g of carbohydrates, all of which I assume are sugar. The caffeine rush came in gradually and I did not get any jitters which is always a good thing. Sadly I was not taken to a level where I wanted to run around in circles or jump on my bike and head for the nearest hill. Instead I was felt calm yet focused for a long period of time - over an hour. I would say that Want beverages are marketing this drink to the wrong crowd. Why not slap a big "Relax and Focus" slogan on the label and market it towards the crowd that spends their time in front of a computer all day?

Ingredients: pure water (reverse osmosis), glucose-fructose, malic acid, artificial flavour, phosphoric acid, pectin, sodium citrate, caffeine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, inositol, colour FD&C red #40.

Cost - $2.99 CAD for a 330 mL bottle
Taste - 7.4/10
Energy - 7/10

Overall - 14.4/20...the taste was nothing to be impressed with, but the way the drink worked was, even despite its lower caffeine content and I cannot wait to try the other 3 kinds

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