Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SoBe Smooth Black and Blue Berry Brew Review

The reviews of the new SoBe Energize products that I posted a couple of weeks back generated some interest and traffic so I decided to go out and try the other new SoBe products. Unfortunately all brain activity seized at the time I made my purchase and I ended up not with the Energize products, but 2 of the SoBe Smooth drinks. I let them sit in the fridge for a while and debated whether or not to actually post a review. After multiple walks from my desk to the fridge and back, I decided to write something and to be more careful next time I go to the local convenience store. So, first comes the SoBe Smooth Black & Blue Berry Brew review.

Unlike the Energize drinks, the Black & Blue Berry Brew is creamy and thick. The drink has a very sharp blueberry aroma with a distant blackberry one. As expected the drink is very sweet, but at least tastes like a combination of the two fruits. There are no unpleasant notes and even the aftertaste is OK...well at first. Once a few minutes have passed after the last sip, the pleasantness of the aftertaste degrades and the sweetness takes over. The sweetness in the aftertaste made me run for water and this shouldn't surprise you. There are 75 grams of sugar in this bottle...75!!! The taste also gets progressively sweeter as you continue drinking, which made me stop drinking this half way. I didn't throw the rest of the drink out, I just left it in the fridge for another time.

According to the Pepsi Product Information page, this beverage contains 4 mg of caffeine, but I think that you will get a buzz from the sugar.

This will do well as a mixer with some club soda and some fresh lemon juice or a few blueberries floating around...and some vodka or light rum of course.

Ingredients: water, sugar, skim milk, cream, grape, juice concentrate, citrus pectin, purple color, fumaric acid, natural blackberry and blueberry flavour, lactic acid, corn maltodextrin, corn starch, caramel color, juniper berry extract, guarana extract.

Cost - 2 for $3 from Mac's
Taste - 6.9/10

Overall - 6.9/10...the flavour is OK, but this is way too sweet for my taste

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  1. damn, just bought this and havnt opened it yet 75grams!!, i guess i have to read more to pick a healthy drink :(

  2. Dam, caffeine!? I just had a bottle at 8 pm...I'll be up all night now. I can't even eat dark chocolate after dinner or it affects my sleep.