Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ZizZazz Tangerine Explosive Energy Mix Review

It was 7-11 that used to sell ZizZazz packets locally, but since their restructure earlier this year, all caffeinated products besides energy drinks and shots disappeared from their shelves. I was in the process of trying all of the ZizZazz flavors at the time and their disappearance made me very sad. Fortunately, my favorite supplier of caffeinated products,, has some in stock. I got a few from there to review and I will start with Tangerine since I absolutely love the fruit.


I know that energy mixes are easy to screw up and can be watery if you decided to maximize your dollar and dissolve them in the maximum recommended water quantity. This is why, I went with the bottom of the recommended range - 12 oz. At 12 ounces, the beverage is very, very sweet and a lot of the tangerine taste is lost to the sweetness. The fruity taste manages to come out on top in the aftertaste and it seems borderline real. The aftertaste does have notes of the artificial sweeteners used, but they are not as pronounced as in some other energy mixes or tabs. The resulting mixture does not have any sour bite, which is something I did not enjoy very much. I think the addition of some extra citric acid could have improved the overall taste greatly. I, myself, am too lazy to get up and go to the fridge, but a squirt of some lemon juice would give this energy mixture a great kick.


There are 200 mg of caffeine per packet which makes this a great bang for your buck. The delivery is fairly normal and I started to experience an improvement in my state within 15 minutes. Since I drank this over the course of 30 or so minutes, I did not experience any jitters or negative effects while the caffeine was working its way through my system. In the initial stages, I experienced moments of calmness and focus. The full effect became apparent about 20 minutes after I finished drinking it and it was absolutely fantastic. I felt great for over 3 hours and then I started to slow down a bit. There was no crash, but I wasn't feeling as energized...obviously. But that was nothing a cup of strong tea couldn't fix.

I said this before, and I will say it again, this is a great product for your money. Just find your flavour and get a box of it. You can even take half of the packet and save the rest for later.

Cost - $2.00 per packet from
Taste - 7.9/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 16.4/20...a little too sweet, but overall a great product for your money

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