Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Be Happy Chocolate Cherry Review

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail asking me if I would like to try a new shot that creates a positive mood and helps reduce stress and anxiety. What a silly question, of course I wanted to try such a product. After waiting patiently...yeah right, I looked forward to checking the mail every day...I received a brown box containing a 2-pack just a day ago.

The 2-pack is very similar to the one Slimquick's shots come in, but I soon learned the similarities stopped there. Unlike Slimquick, each of the Be Happy bottles have large caps with large mouth openings so that it is easy to consume. I like that very much.

Normally beverages that are supposed to work this way bring me down to a very calm state which sometimes borders drowsiness. Knowing that I decided to try one of these shots near the end of the work day just in case had this effect.


I know the effects are more interesting, but the taste comes way before the effects kick in. Before opening the cap, I gave the shot a good shake to get rid of any sediments. Upon opening the cap I was greeted by an off-putting sight - brown, muddy foam. Fortunately for the shot, the foam receded quickly and revealed the brown colored liquid inside, which looked a lot like a chocolate health shake. The shot smelled like exactly what the label said it would - chocolate cherry, heavy on the cherry. Not only does the shot look like a chocolate shake, but it tastes a lot like one with a healthy sour cherry kick in the finish. Unlike a shake, the mouthfeel is a bit thin. The chocolate flavour seems a bit watery at first, but builds up towards the end and finishes on a mild note. The cherry taste takes some more time to build up, but it lasts a lot longer in the aftertaste than the chocolate does. The aftertaste does become bitter, which was a bit of a surprise. I normally associate bitter aftertastes with caffeine and there is no caffeine in this shot. The bitterness, though, has a very similar bitter tone and fortunately does not last for too long. When it does start to die down, it starts to remind me of the bitter taste you get from biting into an apple seed.


Now comes the interesting part. I will cut straight to the chase - does it work? Well, it kind of does and normally I am a bit skeptical of these things. So how does it work? Well, it performs similarly to anti-energy drinks, except it doesn't make you as drowsy.

I started to experience the effects within 15 minutes which made me feel more calm and helped me focus on my tasks and you know how hard that is sometimes near the end of the work day. I didn't experience any drowsy effects and the focus lasted for almost an hour, after which I was left feeling very calm. The calmness did last a long time, longer than other shots that do promote calmness - about 3 hours. I never felt drowsy, which was a huge plus for me. I, honestly, thought I would have to take a nap soon after consuming the shot.

I have to be honest for a moment, though. The focus aside, I achieve the same calming effect by drinking loose-leaf chamomile tea. It is true that the Be Happy shot lasted a lot longer than a cup of chamomile tea, but 2 to 3 cups will do just fine. You also hydrate yourself, which is always good for you.

Overall, the Be Happy shot does work the way it says it does, though you may need to take more than 1 bottle per day to stay relaxed.

Propriatery Mood Complex (600 mg): chocamine, L-theanine, GABA

Other Ingredients: purified water, evaporated cane juice, malix acid, sodium citrate, pextin, xanthan gum, gum arabic, ester gum and natural flavours

Cost - don't know
Taste - 6.9/10
Performance - 8.7/10

Overall - 15.6/20...tastes OK, but works the way it promises

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