Monday, March 14, 2011

Strontium Energy Powder Strawberry Review

Last week I tried the Uranium Energy Powder, which surprised me with its yellowcake taste. This week I am trying the Strontium powder, which is red and tastes like surprises here.


The Strontium powder has a mild strawberry taste, but wow, it has a very strong taste. The moment the powder hits your tongue nothing happens. I was expecting a burst of flavor or sweetness, but I got nothing. For a moment it felt like I was eating tasteless powder. But hold on, once your saliva coats the powder, a sour strawberry flavour starts to develop. Give it a moment and it will build up. Give it another moment and sourness will overpower your senses. Once you swallow the powder, the strawberry taste stays for a while, but so does the caffeine bitterness, which starts to develop shortly after the sourness dies. The strawberry aftertaste does its best to keep the bitterness down, but it cannot completely subdue it. I bet that if a bit of citric acid was added to this, the bitterness may have been reduced or even eliminated.

The powder reminds me of eating wild strawberries, those tiny strawberries you can find in forests which have an incredibly powerful taste for their small size. I love them, but they are very hard to get. This is why I love the Strontium energy powder, though there is one thing that brings down its score - the bitter caffeine aftertaste.


The vial contains the same amount of caffeine as the Uranium energy powder - 90 mg. To me, it seems that the Strontium powder worked faster and better, but part of the kick could have been from the sourness.

Ingredients: sugar, dextrose, caffeine, malic acid, artificial flavors & colors

Cost - $1.99 from
Taste - 9.2/10
Energy - 6.9/10

Overall - 16.1/20...awesome taste wild strawberry taste with a pretty decent kick

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