Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dark Dog Energy Drink Review

I recently went to Montreal and on the way there I stopped at every gas station and small convenience store I saw. When my trip was over, I came back home with 7 new energy drinks and 1 anti-energy drink. By no means are these "new" energy drinks new to many of you, but they are to me. I chose to try Dark Dog first, which advertises itself as a guarana-based energy drink without taurine.


Even before I opened the can, I was expecting the all too familiar Red Bull aroma to hit me...and it did. The taste is similar too, except that it is creamier and a bit less acidic. There is a bit more of the candy taste here which makes the finish sweeter.

Halfway through the can, the Red Bull taste started to die down a bit and to get replaced by the sweet, creamy candy-like taste which I started find better tasting.

Overall I enjoyed this drink and was pleasantly surprised by its Red Bull-clone to Red Bull-with-a-twist transition halfway through.


Unlike the 250 mL can of Red Bull, there are only 50 mg of caffeine in this one, all of which come from guarana. I felt a kick within minutes due to the sugar content, which was surprisingly not followed, or accompanied, by a dose of the jitters. The caffeine kicked in a bit later and for about an hour I felt greatly energized. I didn't experience a crash once the effects wore off, but I did wish there was more caffeine.

Cost - $1.99
Taste - 8.7/10
Energy - 5.8/10

Overall - 14.5/20...great tasting, Red Bull-like with a twist energy drink but with only 50 mg of caffeine

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