Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rockstar Pink Energy Drink Review

I don't know if I am overlooking it, or if it is not supposed to be there, but I cannot find the actual name of the drink anywhere on the front of the can. I had to look really hard to locate the one, tiny, little word that refers to it as Pink on the back of the label, next to the ingredients list. The name aside, this is the pinkest, and second most girly energy drink I have had the pleasure of holding and consuming...and be seen with. It also comes with a straw attached to its side, and that, I thought, was pretty awesome.


Hmm, the taste is kind of odd, but rather enjoyable. The carbonation is as excessive as the 2X energy drink on and that robs you from the initial taste. Once the bubbles settle a combination of berries and citrus flavours emerge. The citrus flavour becomes especially strong in the finish and develops in the aftertaste. It is a very typical lemon-lime mix, similar to sprite or 7Up. The berries give it a bit of sweetness, which at first is nice, but in the aftertaste it becomes apparent that it is mostly from the artificial sweetener, whose typical diet-taste becomes very apparent. The finish is crisp, a tad dry and sort of refreshing thanks to the lemon-lime combo. Overall, this is another decent sugar free energy drink that is obviously made to appeal to women.

Also, the straw might be a nice touch, but it really slows your drinking. I say, toss it aside and chug this like you would any other energy drink, you caffeine junkie!


Unlike the awesomely caffeinated 2X I had a few days ago, this one packs a modest 120 mg of caffeine. It is not bad, but it is the same amount found in a comparable Red Bull can. The one main difference, obviously, is the lack of sugar in this one, which makes the energy kick in with no jitters. I felt starting to wake up about 20 minutes after consuming this, but it really wasn't for another 15 - 20 minutes that I felt energized. The boost lasted for less than two hours, which measures anywhere between a single, small Red Bull can and a regular Rockstar. Unlike either one, you will probably not experience a crash with this one.

Cost - unsure
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 7/10

Overall - 15/20...different and cool, but I would rather have something with more caffeine like 2X

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