Monday, April 18, 2011

CaffeMallows Caffeinated Mashmallows Review

I have been eating a lot of marshmallows lately, so when I was shopping for caffeinated goodies on chemical, I simply had to get some caffeinated marshmallows. I ordered the variety pack, which includes 3 different kinds of coffee-flavored marshmallows.

The variety pack comes in a very nice, very simple, plastic box with 3, rather large, individually wrapped marshmallows. Another nice touch is the large slit, each of the individual packages come with, which makes opening them very easy.


Mocca - a large, brown square resembling a brownie. The marshmallow is spongy and a little sticky. It has a strong coffee and dark chocolate aroma The taste is similar, though the coffee is a lot stronger than the chocolate. There are bits of chocolate in the marshmallow, which bump the overall enjoyment up a notch. There is some bitterness, but it all comes from the coffee and chocolate. There is none from artificial sources, which is always a good thing. Overall, this is a fantastic tasting treat.

Java - similarly large brown square minus the cocoa chunks. This one is just as spongy though not nearly as sticky as the Mocca one. The taste is very bold with a lot of espresso and just a hint of vanilla. Some cinnamon comes towards the end, but is overpowered by the espresso and vanilla notes. Overall the texture was a bit spongier and a tad weird, but it was another great tasting marshmallow.

Coffee - a different shade of brown and a bit smaller than the others. This one is a bit firmer and has a milder coffee taste with the same vanilla blast and cinnamon finish. The taste at the start was a bit off, but once your saliva penetrates the marshmallow, its delicious coffee juices start to flow. Also tastes great.


Though the package does not state the actual caffeine content, I reckon it is similar to that of a small coffee, because this is what I experienced after eating one. The effects kick in within 10 minutes and there is very little jitters. The caffeine kicks in fully within 30 or so minutes and it works great.

Though I was skeptical at first, these marshmallows really proved themselves. They tasted great and worked rather well. A definite recommendation.

Cost - $5.99 for a 3 pack from
Taste - Mocca - 9/10, Java - 8.8/10, Coffee - 8.6/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 16.1/20 to 16.5/20...depending on the flavor

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