Friday, May 27, 2011

Shark Energy Drink Review

Shark Energy Drink is one of those energy drinks you see a lot of online, but not in least not where I live or travel regularly. I found this one at a small convenience store near my hotel in Montreal for $2.09, which I thought was reasonable given its size and the ever increasing cost of the 250 mL Red Bull can. It also seemed like a very old can because there was a thick, black layer of dust I had to wipe off before drinking.


If it looks like a Red Bull, it is made in Thailand, then it is a Red Bull...clone. That is all.

But wait, it is not completely a clone. The taste has a berry tone, which starts off sweet and then amplifies the taste towards the end. Compared to a Red Bull, there is more candy-like sweetness, which builds up quickly and by the end of the can you are thinking you are consuming syrup. The aftertaste is a bit more pleasant with a some of the candy and berry tones.

If you like Red Bull, you will like this one. If you hate Red Bull, try another drink.


As expected, there are 80 mg of caffeine, but the effects of this drink are much faster and more powerful at the start than a normal Red Bull. I think it is because of all the sugar. I felt a spike in my energy levels within 10 minutes, a spike that was definitely due to the sugar. I could feel this at the back of my head and this is not something I experience too often. Surprisingly, the jitters lasted for moments and appeared around the time I felt the sugar rush to my brain.

The caffeine kicked in another 25-30 minutes later and energy boost was different. The overall effects of the drink were comparable to those of a can of Red Bull as they lasted just over an hour.

Cost - $2.09
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 5.9/10

Overall - 14.7/20...Red Bull clone with a berry twist and a comparable kick


  1. Had it tonight and it tasted dreadful. It was mixed with vodka which obviously could contribute to the overall taste but I found it didn't mask alcohol well like Red Bull does and is just a cheap sweet alternative that doesn't give refreshment or a pleasant taste.

  2. A cheap HEALTHIER alternative to Red Bull. I love it..