Monday, May 16, 2011

Zombie Jerky Review

I bought a pack of Zombie Jerky months ago, but never found the time or urge to try it until now. When it first arrived I was very excited, but when I saw the green ball of spice and coloring at the bottom of the pack, I was turned off and just put it aside. Over time the clump of green stuff started to separate and after continuous shakes over the weeks, it started to blend with the meat. It is now a Sunday evening, I am bored and the unopened pack is staring me in the is go time.

I would normally do my review in two sections - Taste and Energy, but unlike the Perky Jerky, there is no caffeine in this here Zombie Jerky, just some meat and coloring in an awesome package. In fact, the package is so awesome that it tells you to discard the "flesh" 28 days after opening. I am not sure if this is a reference to the 28 Days Later or if the meat starts to develop a funky aroma/taste after 4 weeks of being opened, but I still find this awesome.

Underneath the green coloring emanates the aroma of smoked and spiced meat with some teriyaki. The green coloring does not stick to the meat very well, so whatever you pull out of the pack can be easily shaken off any green goop that has stuck to it. Under the green goop is plain looking jerky that is very tender and easy to chew. The teriyaki flavor is there, but compared to real jerky, it is mild and overpowered by the meat itself. Eating the green goop adds some sourness to the taste, which reminds me of eating steak with greens. Once you get past the gimmick factor, the jerky is not that great when compared to regular teriyaki jerky, or even Perky Jerky, and leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, it did taste much better than I originally expected. However, $5 is a fairly high price to pay for this. I could stomach it better if it was something along the lines of $3.

Overall, this is not as bad as I expected, but I wish the green coloring was done a bit more different and better

Cost - $4.99 from
Taste - 6.8/10

Overall - 6.8/10...I am judging this from beef jerky taste perspective

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