Monday, June 13, 2011

Marley's Mellow Mood Relaxation Beverage Black Tea Review

This weekend I was fortunate enough to find my favorite Marley's Mellow Mood drink, black tea, at a Hasty Market near where I was. Compared to the berry flavour I reviewed a few weeks ago, this is much better, but does cost an extra $1...partly due to the larger size.


The moment you pop open that top, the delicious and inviting aroma of peach and passion fruit engulfs you and brings your holding arm closer to your mouth which is already prepared to received the awesome goodness contained in that glass bottle. Though the aroma is peach heavy, the taste is passion fruit heavy with the peach coming in second in the finish. The passion fruit is intense and tangy and results in a very enjoyable initial experience. The black tea blends well with the peach and gives the drink a very mellow and smooth secondary flavour and finish. There is very little of the berry flavour, but who needs that when you have an awesome combination of passion fruit, peach and black tea.

Hands down, this is a very smooth and enjoyable drink before a nap, a deep sleep, or if you just want to relax. The one problem I have with drinking this before sleep is its 473 mL volume, which often times wakes me up in a couple of hours so that I can go and relieve myself.


Well, this is comparable to the berry flavour, except it is a bit stronger since there are an extra 100 mL. It does mellow you out, but it also creates a much stronger desire to sleep than the smaller, berry, container. If you are strong, you can fight through the urge, but if you want to give in, enjoy a pleasant sleep.

I would still pick this over the berry flavour simply because of its amazing taste.

Cost - $2.99 from the Hasty Market
Taste - 9.8/10
Performance - 8.5/10

Overall - 18.3/ of the best relaxation beverages which mellows you out without making you want to fall asleep...too muchLink


  1. this drink knocked me the f*** out, especially if you smoke a blizz it will have you feelin extra nice

  2. does it cost 2.99 in couche-tard ?

    1. Either $2.99 or $3.49...or somewhere in that ballpark

  3. I got one at the local BP for $1.89