Monday, September 26, 2011

Marley's Mellow Mood Relaxation Beverage Green Tea with Honey Review

So here it is, the fourth and last of the available Marley's Mellow Mood least at the local level. I picked this up at a Short Stop convenience store associated with a Shell gas station for $2.49, but I have also previously purchased it at a few Hasty Markets.


This is definitely my favorite flavour of the bunch. The green tea base makes for a very mellow and smooth beverage that not only quenches the thirst since it is so light, but it is extremely easy to drink. The honey adds some sweetness, which subtle and never really builds up. The honey is especially pronounced in the finish, overpowering the earthy tea notes. There are some additional flavours that take a backseat to the green tea and honey, such as citrus and chamomile.

This flavour fits the name Marley's Mellow Mood the most and I strongly recommend this one to everyone who wants to try Marley's line up.


This one works just like Marley's black tea and will chill you out completely. I had this bottle at the end of a long day with many cups of coffee, and it almost put me to sleep after mellowing me out within 20 minutes. I was really glad that it only almost put me to sleep, because I was able to spend some time reading news and catching up on things I missed while at work.

Great performance!

Cost - $2.49 from Short Stop or Hasty Market
Taste - 9.9/10
Performance - 8.5/10

Overall - 18.4/ this taste and love the chill feel


  1. Loooooove this. I'm drinking one now, in fact. The first time I tried this, I was eating at Whole Foods. I had a whole bottle (2 servings) with my meal and started to feel the effects before I was finished. Thankfully I had the rest of the afternoon off, because I don't think I would have been able to do much productive. I don't really know how to describe the feeling it gives you, but it's definitely good. As soon as I went home, I took an hour long nap. They've since taken it out of the hot bar section of the store, but there's still a few with the bottled teas. I've taken to drinking one or half of one a couple hours before bed and it really helps me wind down :)

  2. I try the berry bob marley drink is very good and is even better if u ad some Bacardi Gold even tho it said not 2 mix whit alcohol .. It makes u feel like u just smoke a Bob marley blunt

  3. There is no "chill feeling" there's nothing special in it and nothing to get you "high" other then placebo. It has the exact same ingredients as anything else. You're getting put to sleep by placebo and taurine lol

    They're just using Bob Marley as a stoner "relaxing drink" marketing scheme, and for that price they know what they're doing.

    Get a couple Inked, preferably the Thunderbird Lemonade or even better a Monster m-80. at least you get your moneys worth and it taste good.

    1. Not sure this drink contains any taurine. Also, you are comparing energy drinks to an anti-energy drink. Marley has active ingredients, such as melatonin, which will make you drowsy and sleepy. There is no placebo effect - there are active ingredients in this drink.

    2. this shit does not really work all it does is it made me really dissy

    3. It surely didn't help your spelling either...

      As for the drink: Tastes great, works great! Perhaps for those who it does not seem to work for: maybe the melatonin isn't mixing well with other meds or energy drinks your having during the rest of the day....

    4. For all I know, it may be placebo. But as slavster said, there are many active ingredients which cause be to believe it is an effect based on the blend used.

      It does what it proclaims to do, makes you feel relaxed and takes strength away. I sleep easy after a bottle of this.

      As well, why would I get an energy drink if I am trying to relax? Bringing up Inked or Monster energy drinks is irrelevant. If I wanted to gain some energy, sure - sugar and caffeine would work.

  4. It has Melatonin and Valerian Root Extract, both of which will cause drowsiness. This is why they have a warning on the bottle not to drive or operate heavy machinery.

  5. I tried one on advice f a friend...but i probably should not have tried it at got so relaxed it felt like i was floating and could have gone to take a defintely does relax you.

  6. The chamomile which is a main ingredient in the tea really contributes into that "relaxed" feeling from the drink. Chamomile is a natural muscle relaxer so the drink loosens up the muscles and gives you this affect. Chamomile tea is good to drink when your body is under any pain or tension!