Thursday, September 22, 2011

NOS Sugar Free Energy Drink

I can't believe it has taken NOS so long to bring this sugar free version across the border. It is finally available at 7-11, and other convenience stores, for $2.99. To promote this product, 7-11 are having their 2 for $4 sale on NOS products.


Well, this sugar free version definitely smells like the regular NOS - tropical fruits. The taste is very similar, but as expected, is laced with sweeteners. It is also a bit more carbonated and a touch crisper. Once you get half way through, though, the crispness starts to go away and is replaced by a dry tongue and a bit of a sugar build up...odd, I know. The sweetener finish is not as strong as some other drinks so once you are done with the drink there will be just a tiny bit of a sweetener aftertaste. That is a plus in my book.

I liked this sugar free version because it tastes almost like the regular version and has a minimal diet aftertaste.


The can contains 194 mg of caffeine, which is much less than the regular version that was reviewed a couple of years ago, but exactly as much as the regular NOS that is currently for sale.

The energy delivery is smooth and without much jitters. I started to wake up within 15 minutes of starting to consume this energy drink. Some mild jitters appear 5 minutes later, but go away quickly. The full effect kicks in another 20 minutes later and it is clean and very enjoyable. The energy lasted for 3 to 4 hours and there wasn't an unpleasant crash at the end. I just sort of coasted to a stop...well...OK, not a stop but a normal state.

Cost - $2.99 for a can, or 2 for $4 deal
Taste - 8.4/10
Energy - 8.5/10

Overall - 16.9/20...very nice sugar free version or an already great energy drink

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