Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marley's One Drop Coffee Review

Going in a different direction, the latest Marley drink is an iced coffee drink with the "Wake up & Live!" slogan. I got this bottle at the local Hasty Market for $2.49...if I remember correctly.


It has been a while since I have reviewed, or even had, an iced coffee, but off the bat you can tell that this one tastes a bit differently from the Monster Javas or Rockstar's Roasted line up. The drink starts off velvety smooth and creamy with a bit of sweetness. Moments later the coffee taste kicks in and gives the drink a very nice kick. The finish is of coffee and just a tad bitter. Some milky hints do linger, but the aftertaste is primarily of coffee.

This may not sound much more different than other iced coffees, but there is something about the creaminess and the overall balance of the drink that I like very much.


Unlike the energy iced drinks, the focus of this one is not cramming caffeine in a can. The effects are not as obvious and the boost is not as strong. Since there is real coffee in this drink, as well as sugar, it does wake you up, but the effect is subtle and happens gradually over 10-15 minutes.

I felt a bit jittery at one point, but the jitters were not as bad. After 25-30 minutes you do start to feel the effects of the coffee and really become energized.

Overall the drink kept me energized and going for about an hour and a half and I there was no horrific crash at the end, just a bit of a slowdown, which was resolved by having a late and some water.

Cost - $2.49 from the Hasty Market
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15/20...great tasting iced coffee with a bit of a kick


  1. I seen the coffe and mocha one in the usa a few week's back for the 1st time like 1.50-1.99 us but I live in Ontario and didn't know Canada has these I would like to try. Had the bob marley tea drinks b4 that are supposed to make you tired and the black teas one tasted theI would drink it with caffeine if it had it but the teas are relaxing drinks 2 make ya tired. Is the cold coffee one's from the same company? cheer\s howq much caffeine?

  2. Not sure, but I think there is enough to wake you up. I also tried the Mocha. And yes, the products are all from the same company.

  3. So if I go to a hasty martket variety store in Ontario I should find this?>

  4. Yes, you should be able to. If not, I have also purchased this from a Short Stop convenience store.

  5. never heard of short stop. But did get these in Niagra falkls ny for 1.99 If its like the mocha it will tatse really good and better then starbucks who waters there's down but the energy is felt while drinking it but seems to die off some 10-20mins aftyer it is done. well for the mochs. I might come back and review the coffee here and mocha better on it spage mabye cheers

  6. smells of coffee and creamyniss. Taste it starts off creamy then go's kinda likke a cold white milk taste and as it starts drying out then you get roasted coffee taste lightly but well noticed. Taste wise it's decent but not great 2.8 out of 5 but not much of a caffeine pay out. Not really feeling it as I drink it and a tad tired after drinking it still. Good drink crapy energy buzz.

  7. I found them at Quickie stores in Ottawa, ON. But rarely any where else :(

  8. this is old as shit, but im trying to find the caffeine content but cant. its in little aluminum cans now tho..