Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cheetah Power Surge Energy Drink with Blueberry Juice Review

You may only be accustomed to seeing the red Cheetah Power Surge Energy Drinks on shelves, but get ready to see more of the blue one, which is conveniently pre-labelled for you with the $1.49 price tag. I got this from the local Hasty Market a long time ago, but just didn't get the chance to try it until now.


OK, off the bat, this one tastes much better than the previous one...and I was very generous with the previous one. The taste is sweet and berry-heavy. It is hard to tell that the drink is supposed to taste like blueberries since it is so berry generic, but at least it is very decent. Some of the more typical Cheetah flavours come soon after the initial berry taste subsides and the saltiness starts to nudge its way to the top.

A third of the way through the can, you will notice that the saltiness starting to build up in the aftertaste, which is not something one would expect from an energy drink that starts off on a sweet berry note. There is very little of the royal jelly flavour, which is a good thing and a huge improvement over the red Cheetah.

Overall, this drink is much better than the older red Cheetah, and the $1.49 price tag really helps it earn high points.


Yes, this drink is caffeine free, but the added extracts should give you a boost. About 15-20 minutes after starting to consume this drink, I started to pep up slightly. Unfortunately this was probably due to the 40 grams of sugar the can contained. Fortunately, however, there are no jitters caused by this.

The real energy boost does not come for about 35-40 minutes and when it does, it is fairly uneventful. You feel more energized, but not enough to get up and run around in circles. The boost lasted for about an hour and then I was back to feeling a bit tired. Not too shabby for a drink that advertises itself as being "caffeine free". However, for $1.49, I will just go for the can of Red Rain.

Cost - $1.49
Taste - 7.5/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 13.5/20...better tasting than the original one, but with the same energy boost


  1. I tryed the red one today since i got it on sale with tax for 87cents. saw blue last week and might buy it today been thinking about it. The red tasted allright. Tropical fruit like with a generic energy drink taste a tade sour at time's. fuck the sugar part too much but whatever. the red gave me a little energy feelt like 30mins later but after about 1-2hrs I feel some of the energy go away. so its not strong at all and not long lasting. Might come back to rtell ya how the blue one is otherwise both will be youtube videos well i dont have the blue yet if i will only found it one store long after i used to allways see the ads played.cheers! wish these had at least a small amount of caffiene.

  2. I live in Canada and am wondering which stores carry the Cheetah Power surge drink as I have been unable to find it???

  3. Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart, Metro and the Hasty Market are the larger chain stores that I have found Cheetah Power Surge at.