Monday, December 26, 2011

Venom Killer Taipan Review

Here is a drink I wanted to try for quite some time, but couldn't since these are not officially for sale in Canada. The convenience store I got this from had other flavours, but I decided to go with only one since I didn't have any room in my suitcase and I could only drink one at the time.

What I noticed when I opened the bottle was how thick the walls were. I tried squeezing the bottle, but it did not budge. Sure, you can crush the bottle, but it will not be that easy.


The label says this tastes like mango...and it does. The taste has an intense and creamy mango flavour with a very light lemon/lime undertone. The aftertaste has a candy-like sweetness to it and does build up a little as you make your way through the bottle. The lemon/lime note helps take the sweetness down a bit, but overall the mango flavour is very strong.


The energy blend contains 5,226 mg of active ingredients, 170 mg of which is caffeine making this energy drink comparable to other similar (473 mL) drinks. The sugar helped me start waking up within about 10 - 15 minutes of starting the drink. The real kick came a bit later and, for me, the energy came in all at once and made me a bit jittery. I expect the kick to be more gradual if you pace yourself and consume the bottle slowly over time.

So once the effects kicked in, I enjoyed about 3-4 hours of great energy. Unfortunately due to the high amount of sugar, I did went through a bit of a crash at the end, which happened to be during lunch. I had to have a cup of coffee (no sugar) to keep on going.

Overall, I really enjoyed this drink, especially the benefit of the screw top and the thick metal bottle.

Cost - $2.69
Taste - 8.5/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 16.5/20...great taste, though pretty sweet, with an excellent kick

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