Sunday, April 29, 2012

Buzz Strong's Real Coffee Cookie Mint Chocolate Chip Review

This is my third energy snack review in a row. First there was the original Buzz Strong's Real Coffee Cookie, then there was Buzz Brownzzz and now here is the Mint Chocolate Chip version of Buzz Strong's Cookie.


The cookie tastes like a regular soft chew chocolate chip cookie with a thin After Eight lining. The mint flavour is strong and overpowers almost all of the other flavours besides the coffee. After a few bites get that minty tingling at the back of your throat which, though makes your mouth feel fresh, it also eliminates your ability to taste the cookie altogether.

Unlike the Buzz Brownzzz, there are not bitter caffeine notes since the caffeine comes from the coffee. There are no other ill flavours.

I prefer the taste of the original one, but if you are mint fan, or like After Eight, you will most definitely enjoy this cookie.


Unlike the time I had the original Buzz Strong's, this morning I do not feel like a zombie. I had plenty of sleep so the effects of the cookie were a bit amplified yet not quite what the label led me to expect - 1 cookie = 1 coffee.

You do get a buzz, but it takes some time to kick in and when it does it is not as powerful as a cup of coffee. This cookie may seem like a huge boost to caffeine sensitive people, but if you are used to having a cup of coffee or an energy drink each morning, it may not be enough for you.

Cost - $1.99 from
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 5/10

Overall - 14/20...tastes great, but does not give you the same boost as a cup of coffee

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