Monday, April 23, 2012

Buzz Strong's Real Coffee Cookie Review

Quite often I skip breakfast because I either get up too early and I am in no mood to eat, don't have the time, or the caffeinated beverage I have in the morning kills my desire to eat something. I always regret this several hours later when I am starving and lunch is hours away. If I had caffeinated food like Buzz Strong's I would never skip a meal in the morning.


Buzz Strong's Real Coffee Cookie is a cookie made and chocolate. The cookie is medium sized, soft, chewy and a bit crumbly. The taste is dominated by coffee and vanilla, however, the chocolate chunks add some sweetness. I would compare the taste to a chewy chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with some ground up or instant coffee.

This is a great tasting not only for a caffeinated product, but for a cookie too. I wish these were sold in stores around me because I would be definitely buying a bunch for breakfast every week. For now I have to get them from


The label says 1 cookie = 1 coffee, but there is no mentioning of the actual caffeine content.

The effects are a bit odd. By the time I finished eating the cookie I felt a jolt of energy, but that quickly died and I was back to my morning zombie state. Must have been the placebo effect. It took about 30-40 minutes to feel the caffeine effects, but the kick wasn't good enough for the start of my morning. I think this would make a great afternoon snack when you just need a pick me up and not a boatload of caffeine to restart your dead brain.

With that said, I would still like to buy a bunch for the office.

Cost - $1.99 from
Taste - 10/10
Energy - 5/10

Overall - 15/20...fantastic taste, enough caffeine for a pick me up, but not if you need to wake up in the morning

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