Saturday, April 28, 2012

Buzz Brownzzz Review

I am a bit confused, the words Buzz and ZZZ (OK, not really a word) appear on the same line on the same label. Will this brownie make me fall asleep or will it give me energy? Fortunately the next few lines reveal the ingredients, one of which is caffeine.

I got this brownie from Sippin Syrup with my variety pack. This wasn't advertised on their site, nor was I expecting to receive it, but I sure was glad when I did.


Though a bit crumbly around the edges, the inside of the brownie is soft and chewy. The taste starts off very brownie-like with fudge and a bit of white chocolate from the top with a bit of a soy note, but then the medicinal ingredients quickly reveal themselves. A bitter undertone shows up and lasts until well into the aftertaste. The bitterness is comparable to some of the first caffeinated gums that started appearing on the market - it is not the main flavour, but it is there lurking beneath the taste.

The aftertaste is combination of bitterness, chocolate, soy and a bit of an alcoholic note from one of the ingredients. Fortunately the bitterness lasts a short time and then disappears leaving only the chocolate and the alcoholic note.

I have had better brownies, but I have never had a caffeinated brownie so I have nothing to compare it to. There is bitterness from the caffeine, but I can put up with it.


I am not sure how much caffeine is in this brownie, but it is enough to wake you up. After eating half the brownie I felt suddenly wide awake. The second half gave me focus and a pretty decent buzz. I wasn't expecting this type of a boost from this brownie so I was pleasantly surprised.

After 20 minutes my heart was racing and I felt a bit jittery. The caffeine was kicking in and it was great. The boost lasted for a few hours and there was no crash at the end.

Almost as strong as an energy drink or a shot, this brownie will kick start your day or charge you up later on in the day. I would much rather eat this for breakfast than Buzz Strong's Cookie.

Cost - $29 for a box of 12
Taste - 7.5/10
Energy - 7/10

Overall - 14.5/20...great energy food...if you are OK with the bitterness

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