Sunday, May 6, 2012

BioFuel Caffeine Infused Popcorn Review

Today I finally had the chance to try BioFuel's Caffeine Infused popcorn which was sent to me courtesy of ChemicalEvolution as part of my latest caffeine purchase.


The popcorn is covered in some sort of a sweet, salty and sticky glaze which makes this product very similar to lightly caramelized popcorn with just a tad of added salt. The slogan is right on the money - sweet, salty and addictively delicious. I was getting ready to do some gaming, but I could barely stop myself from eating the popcorn long enough so that I can get past the menu screen. The game wasn't really started until I had finished the bag...and I wasn't even hungry. This popcorn was just so damn good.

Despite the sweetness and saltiness, light traces of caffeine can be noticed in the aftertaste, but compared to many other caffeinated products, such as gum and cookies, the notes are so light that you really have to concentrate on them to notice they are there. 


There are 150 mg of caffeine per bag, which is crazy given the fact that you can eat the bag in no time and there is just a hint of caffeine. The effects are noticeable within about 10 minutes and it feels like you just had a cup of coffee. There is not crazy initial rush like the one you get from energy drinks, but once the caffeine is absorbed, the boost is obvious.

I got a decent kick out of the bag which lasted just over 3 hours. There was no crash at the end, only regret that I didn't have more of these bags.

Cost - $3.99 from
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 7.8/10

Overall - 17.3/20...awesome taste with an excellent boost

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