Monday, May 7, 2012

Red Bull Total Zero Energy Drink Review

To me Red Bull is much bigger than Monster, Rockstar, AMP, Full Throttle and all others combined. It is sold everywhere in the world. It is something you can really depend on wherever you are. However, you can't really depend on Red Bull's creativity. The same product has been on the market for over 25 years and in that time there have been only a handful of variations - sugar free, cola, energy shot and just different can sizes. But now there is a brand new product - Total Zero - and like all other Red Bull drinks you can find it everywhere. It was a well coordinated, simultaneous release across Ontario because in my travels the past week, I was able to find a display in every tiny convenience store and grocery store across the province (OK, didn't go too far north). And I am so excited to try it.

So how does this differ from Red Bull Sugar Free? Well it has 0 carbs, 0 calories and 0 sugar, unlike the Sugar Free which has a bit more of each...except the sugars.


Well this is a Red Bull so it tastes like a sugar free Red Bull only the flavour is mellower and fruitier. There is the standard sweetener taste, but it doesn't make a strong appearance until the aftertaste. There are some hints of it while I was drinking, but the carbonation helped masked most of them. 

The aftertaste is not only sweetener and the standard Red Bull flavour - the fruitiness carries over and helps give this drink a more unique Red Bull aftertaste.

I like the regular Red Bull flavour so I really enjoyed this one. There is just enough of the old flavour to keep the fans happy, yet there is something new to make it stand out and make those like me happy (I am also a fan but not a hardcore one).


The standard 80 mg per 250 mL are present and work just like the sugar free Red Bull - slower start than the regular Red Bull, but once the energy kicks in it is good and lasts for about an hour and a half. Since this drink has no sugar, I did not experience a sugar rush, jitters or a crash.

The caffeine in this can is not enough for me so I really hope larger cans are introduced.

Cost - 2 for $5 from Hasty Market
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15/20...slightly different Red Bull flavour, same old kick

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  1. Taste : 3/10. I like the Red Bull taste - both reg and sugar free - this has a horrible aftertaste. Not for me.