Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Awake Energy Chocolate Review

Here is a local product made by a company in Mississauga which sells for $1.99 at the corner convenience store.


The taste is pretty damn good. I was expecting something semi-bitter with an odd gritty texture, but what I got was smooth milk chocolate with just a mild soy finish which briefly appears at the finish. There are no bitter tones or odd medicinal first.

Once I finished the chocolate and had a glass of water to wash out the buttery, chocolate feel out my mouth, a faint caffeine note appeared. The bitterness is very subtle, but it is an indication of the medicinal ingredients. Fortunately it only lasts for a brief period of time.


There are 101 mg of caffeine in the bar and its effects start kicking in in about 10 minutes. At first the effects are mild, but gradually they ramp up and in another 10 or so minutes it feels like you just had a Red Bull. Unlike having a Red Bull the effects are very clean and there are no jitters. I felt peppy, yet calm enough to focus on reading a few stories.

And like a Red Bull, the effects last for about 1.5 hours with a mild crash at the end. I think I will get a few more to keep around the house.

Cost - $1.99
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 7/10

Overall - 16.5/20...tastes like a regular milk chocolate bar, but has a Red Bull-like kick

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  1. Chocolate that is high on caffeine? That is one really great energy booster!!!