Sunday, May 20, 2012

Marley's Mellow Mood Lite Half Tea Half Lemonade Review

It is finally here - Marley's Half and Half. I was promised a bottle of this drink many months ago by the company, but one never arrived. Nevertheless, I have a bottle and I am excited to try it.


The first thing I noticed about this drink is how sweet it is. Sure there is an earthy black tea note, but the sweetness overpowers it. The lemonade is a nice touch as it gives the drink a refreshing and sour lemon kick.

Since this is a light drink, there is the typical artificial sweetener taste which is quite pronounced in the initial stages of the aftertaste, but fortunately mellows out after a few minutes ("mellows out", get it).

Though this is an OK tasting Marley, I still prefer the older, original tea flavours which are more mellow, better balanced and just more enjoyable.


For those who find the regular Marley too strong, this might be the one for you. The drink kicks in within 20 minutes and the effects are a bit dialed back when compared to the regular Marley's. I relaxed a bit and became a tad drowsy, but I didn't quite feel the urge to fall asleep.

I spent my evening watching the Sunday cartoons, which I usually just have playing in the background while I play games or read news. This time I was mellowed out enough to be able to stare at screen without having to read words or pay too much attention. It was kind of nice...or so I thought. At the end of the cartoons, the effects of the drink had passed and I was back to feeling a bit too "not-tired" to be able to go to bed. This on Sunday night is not cool since I feel like crap Monday mornings if I don't get enough sleep. Also, on Mondays, I like to get up early and go to the office much earlier to organize a plan of action to tackle the week's work.

Check out the other Marley's for comparison:

Cost - $2.99 from Hasty Market
Taste - 7.2/10
Performance - 6/10

Overall - 13.2/20...might appeal to some people seeking a bit weaker than the original Marley's

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