Sunday, May 27, 2012

Venga Relax Review

It is funny how long it has taken me to track one of these down. Out of all places I managed to find a bottle at a Bulk Barn across town and it cost me $2.59 to try this.


The taste is a blend of tea and juices with white grape and white tea dominating. The grapefruit flavour is light and does not truly appear until the finish and lasts well into the aftertaste. The orange flavour is rather odd because it reminds me more of tangerines and blood oranges than just plain oranges.

Though I love the blend of flavours and how light, yet defined they are, I think the sweetness is a bit too much for this type of a drink. It is not much compared to other anti-energy/relaxation drinks, but when you have white tea as your basis, every bit of sugar (and sweetener) counts and has a dramatic impact on the flavour. This isn't a deal breaker, but I just thought the drink could do with less.


Don't expect the same level of performance as a Marley or a Sippin Syrup, but do expect a noticeable effect. I had this drink before going to bed and not too soon after a large cup of earl grey tea. I started to feel the calming effects within about 10 minutes and they were very mellow yet effective at calming me down and making me even just a tiny bit drowsy.

For about 15 minutes I felt calm enough to focus on reading some boring articles I would normally just scan, yet not drowsy so that I entirely skipped them. I think the drink is a pretty decent balance between calmness and that tiny bit of drowsiness which could be enough for some people for an early sleep or even an afternoon nap.

Cost - $2.59
Taste - 9.5/10
Performance - 6/10

Overall - 15.5/20...fantastic taste and an OK performance. Just don't expect this to put you to sleep

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  1. I agree. The drink is quite effective at realxing me. I feel a wave of calm come over me as I tackle the daily challenges of my job. Stress seems to melt away and I can focus on what needs to be done. It really is a good drink and i enjoy them when I consume them.