Friday, June 21, 2013

Monster Energy Ultra Blue Review

While us Canadian got only Monster Ultra Zero in its fancy new white can, the Americans got Ultra Zero AND Ultra Blue. Well there was no way I was going to just sit around and read reviews of this new drink without trying to score I did...after a long trip across the border.


Ultra Blue has a strong blue raspberry aroma but its taste is not as strong. Or maybe the high carbonation prevents me from properly assessing the flavour. Up front you get a sweet blueberry/raspberry-like taste mixed with a tiny amount of regular Monster which is chased away by the carbonation, but then it returns triumphantly with a nice sour kick to finish off the taste.

Underneath all this there is the typical diet taste, however, the berry flavour does a fantastic job at keeping the flavour as non-diet as possible. Sure there is a bit of sweetener aftertaste, but the lingering berry flavours balance it out...a bit.

I liked this one and I also loved the can relief.


Here is where the drink falls a bit short. There are only 140 mg of caffeine in the can, which is less than the standard 160 to 180 for Monster. Can you really tell the difference? Well not in the real world when you are comparing 140 to 160, but to 180 there is small noticeable difference. The 160 will give you an extra 10-15 of kick, but the 180 will give you an extra 30 mins and the difference is also the equivalent of drinking an extra half a can of Red Bull so yeah....think about that.

The effects are very standard - I started to wake up within 15 minutes of consuming about half the can and then I felt focused for about 15-20 minutes and then I felt the effects of the caffeine kick in and the boost lasted for a few hours. I did not experience any jitters nor a crash at the end.

Cost - $1.96 from Meijer (good luck getting one so cheap in Canada)
Taste - 9/10
Energy - 7.9/10

Overall - 16.9/20...fantastic new zero calorie Monster

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