Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monster Rehab Tea and Pink Lemonade Review

I got this can from a Meijer in Michigan For $1.96 when I was across the border for some cheap energy drink and booze shopping not too long ago. As of the time of this review, this Monster is not yet available in Canada.


Is it pink? Yes!

Does it taste like pink lemonade? Yes

Well, that was the easiest review ever. OK, OK, here are more words - this Monster is non-carbonated like all the other Rehabs and starts with a very mellow, tea-like flavour, but nanoseconds later a tart berry note hits your tongue and starts to intensify ending on a very sour lemony flavour.

Though there are only 10 calories per serving (2 servings), the sweeteners can be barely tasted and only far into the aftertaste. The sourness of the drink help mask the sweetener while drinking and the lingering lemon notes help a lot in the aftertaste.

This may be my favorite Monster Rehab yet. I cannot wait for this to be available in Canada.


There are 161 mg of caffeine in the can which is just about your average caffeine content in a comparable energy drink. The initial energy hits you within 10 minutes and it feels like you are waking up and your mind is starting to focus. The build up to the caffeine kick is gradual and I didn't experience any jitters. The caffeine kick lasted for a few hours and I did experience a bit of a down hit towards the end, but that was fixed with a strong cup of tea.

Cost - $1.96 from Meijer
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 8.1/10

Overall - 17.6/ mentioned, possibly my favorite Monster Rehab yet (unless you are reading this review at a later date when a new and better one is available, then that one is my favorite one)

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