Saturday, June 8, 2013

Red Rain Downpour Energy Drink Review

On my most recent trip south of the border (from Canada to US) I stopped at a gas station to take advantage of the cheap gas prices and to check out the energy drinks. Well, I was shocked to see an entire wall of Red Rain energy drinks I have never seen nor heard of before...and they were all 99 cents! You know what happened next, right? I made several trips from the fridge to the cash register carrying as many cans as I could...because gas stations don't normally offer baskets or shopping carts, duh.


The can color is very deceiving since this is a cherry flavoured energy drink. When I grabbed the can, I was expecting it to be something like lime or guava or something else tropical and green, but nope - cherry limeade (OK, there is some lime, but it is mostly cherry. The odd color combo bugged me more when I poured the drink in a glass and placed it next to the green can. Oh well, it is the taste that counts.

The taste is super generic up front when the carbonation is dominant. Each sip I took started off sweet and fruity without any specific flavours jumping out. Moments after the initial taste buds feedback I was able to distinguish the cherry and the lime flavours.

The cherry flavour is dominant throughout while the lime just lurks beneath the cherry and gives the overall taste a citric undertone. The lime does come out a bit more in the finish just to give it that sour end, but is quickly pushed back by the cough syrupy-like sweet cherry finish. Unlike the lime flavour, the cherry one does not linger too long past the finish.

Overall, I thought the taste was generic up front, but the I really enjoyed the lingering lime flavour.


There are 142 mg of caffeine in the can, which is a bit less than 80 mg/250 mL (for those looking to compare the content to a standard 250 mL can of Red Bull).

I was expecting the energy to come in the form of a jittery sugar rush, but fortunately the energy came in gradually with no jitters and even provided me with a period of focus and clarity just like advertised on the front of the can. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

I felt awake about 15 minutes after I gulped half of the can and in another 15 I was feeling great even in the gloomy and rainy Saturday morning. The effects lasted for over a couple of hours and then just started to gradually fade away. There was no crash at the end.

Cost - $0.99 from a gas station in Michigan
Taste - 7.8/10
Energy - 8/10

Overall - 15.8/ of the best energy drinks you can get for 99 cents

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