Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crystal Light Energy Drink Mix Review

Does this photo look familiar? It should if you are a fan of energy mixes or read this blog regularly. A few weeks ago I took the same type of photo for my review of the 4C Energy Mixes. So go on, check it out.

I already reviewed the Wild Strawberry flavour last year, but I think for the sake of the photo, I will just paste my previous review (with a few edits to shorten it) here and add my thoughts on the other flavours.

Wild Strawberry

Whoa, the taste is delicious. It is exactly what I was expecting it to be - a strong strawberry taste with a nice sour kick which leaves your mouth a bit dry and very refreshed. There is very, very little sweetener taste, which does not appear until well into the aftertaste. There is also a very subtle bitterness which, again, does not appear well into the aftertaste. Other than that this mix tastes exactly like any other drink mix without caffeine.


Very light grape flavour, but very sour which in my mind brought out the flavours a bit more and made this drink super refreshing. There is a mild sweetener note that appears in the aftertaste, but compared to diet or sugar free drinks, it is much more subtle. Also, there is a little bitterness far into the aftertaste, but the sourness offsets a good deal of it.

I liked this grape flavour. Unlike many of the other grape interpretations, this one is not very sweet and the sourness really gives it a real grape taste.

Peach Mango

OK, this one is also amazing. The aroma is tropical with subtle sweet notes of peach and sour bites of mango. The taste is similar and starts off with a sweet and mellow peach and quickly transitions to sour (all of these drink mixes are sour) mango with very subtle peach hints. The aftertaste has some sweetener, but more of the sour mango goodness.

Loved this one.


Before I made this, I expecting an orange color since the picture on the packet was of a tangerine. Nope - it was greenish. Oh well, it does say Citrus so there could be lime in it.

And there IS lime in it. The taste starts off with a slightly sour tangerine note, but quickly a strong lime flavour reveals itself and takes you to the finish. Some tangerine notes are present, but flavour is dominated by the lime. Same sweetener taste is present.

Not bad, but I have to go back to my Peach Mango.


There are 60 mg of caffeine per serving and each packet has 2 servings, therefore, there are 120 mg of caffeine in each of the jars. This is about 75% of what you get from a proper energy drink the same size, but this mix is easy to carry and a lot cheaper.

Each flavour has the same active ingredients and the effects are all the same, so I will only describe the effects from one of them.

I started to feel the effects within 15 minutes and it all started with me gradually waking up and my mind focusing on the tasks at hand. There were no jitters and just a gradual progression towards the full caffeine kick about 20 minutes later. At that point I was feeling energized, but not over the top energized like you would from a sugary energy drink.

The kick lasted for 2.5 - 3 hours without a crash at the end. I was surprised how well this drink mix worked considering the brand.

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