Thursday, May 1, 2014

Xyience Xenergy Frostberry Blast Energy Drink Review

Whoa, a new Xyience Xenergy in Canada! And it is the Frostberry Blast! And in Shoppers Drug Mart? What a surprise...considering the fact that there were so many other types and flavors of Xyience Xenergy that came out in the US in the past couple of years. I have been getting requests to review the other Xyience drinks, but as soon as the PR agencies hear that I am in Canada, they stop responding. I found it to be rude the first time, but after the 3rd time I got used to it and it kept repeating.

Anyways, on to the drink.


Well, Frostberry Blast is a great name since a) the main flavor is berry based and b) it leaves your mouth feeling cool and tingly.

Lets go deeper. At first the berry flavor is sort of a mash of unidentifiable berries but after a few sips you start to note hints of sour blueberries and raspberries with some lemon coming in at the end. The lemon is a very nice touch as it gives the drink a refreshing and crisp aftertaste yet it still allows you to enjoy the berries.

As with all other Xyience Xenergy drinks, there are sweeteners, but their impacts on the flavor are minimal and I love Xyience for being able to pull that off. The lemon in the aftertaste covers up sweetener very well which makes this Xyience Xenergy drink probably the one that tastes the most like a sugar-full energy drink. Nice!


I can see that this Xyience product has been affected by the strict Canadian rules on caffeine. The caffeine content has dropped to 176 mg per can from the usual 200 mg I was used to seeing. Oh well, 176 is still more than the new Monster caffeine content I have been seeing which is in the 130 mg to 140 mg range thanks to these rules.

The effects of this drink are quick. Within 15 minutes I felt perky and focused. Since there is no sugar, I experienced no jitters which is great for me. In another 15-20 minutes with caffeine coursing through my body, I was fully energized, felt motivated and just ready to run...though I had to walk to my office and sit on a chair for the next 8 to 10 hours. After the dreadful winter I thought that this is what I needed on a sunny and warm morning to motivate me to get out of the house and play some Ingress outside.

The effects lasted for a few hours and there was no noticeable crash, but I just felt more calm around lunch time. Great product.

Cost - $3.49 from Shoppers Drug Mart
Taste - 8.9/10
Energy - 8.2/10

Overall - 17.1/ this "new" flavor that finally came to Canada

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