Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bai 5 Bubbles Jamaica Blood Orange Review

I love the design of this can - white, matte and just so clean. I got a whole bunch of Bai 5 drinks from a Target near Buffalo for $2.49 each I want to say, but I can't remember as it was a while ago.

The Jamaica Blood Orange beverage has an inviting orange-forward aroma with subtle guava and papaya notes at the back. The taste is a bit watery at first because of the carbonation, but after a few sips it opens up to reveal a stevia/erythritol-heavy, slightly tart orange flavor with just a tiny hint of tropical fruits before the finish. After a few more sips, an earthy green coffee layer was added as well as a subtle white grape touch.

The aftertaste is very heavy on the sweetener flavor with a lingering hint of orange and green coffee beans. The lingering orange notes give the beverage a refreshing finish, but the sweeteners give the aftertaste a sticky finish, which only builds up with every sip.

Though the flavor is decent on its own, the heavy sweetener use ruins this one for me. I think I would have loved it if there was a little less of the sweetener and some cane sugar.

The can also contains 45 mg of caffeine from natural sources (green coffee beans I assume) which gives you a nice push for 30-40 minutes.

Taste - 6.5/10

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