Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bai 5 Peru Pineapple

I bought this can for $2.49 from a Target near Buffalo in the US. These Bai 5 drinks are not sold in Canada and I have no idea if they ever will be.

The Peru Pineapple flavor has a slightly hazy, light straw color. The aroma is of sweet pineapples, perfume, candy and medicine. The taste starts off very light and very messy but after a few sips, some notes start to emerge. The pineapple flavor is very, very light but present all throughout and well into the aftertaste. The perfume note I caught in the aroma is also present but doesn't truly have a negative impact on me. I am sure if you are not a fan of perfume, or flowers, it will have a negative impact on you. The erythritol/stevia blend is dominant. It gives the beverage a very sweet and distinct taste, which mixed with the perfumy pineapple tend to give this Bai 5 a medicine-like candy-sweet undertone. An earthy green coffee bean tone is also present and dominant in the aftertaste.

The 45 mg of caffeine gave me a nice jolt early in the morning, but it won't help if you are on the market for something to replace your cup of coffee.

Overall, I am not impressed with this drink. The flavor is messy, the pineapple is subtle and overpowered by the perfume/sweetener/green coffee combo.

Taste - 5.8/10

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