Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rockstar Horchata Energy

I had my first horchata just a couple of weeks ago and then I ran into this new Rockstar Horchata Energy can just shortly after. Funny how these things work sometimes. Horchata is traditionally made from rice with spices, like cinnamon and vanilla, so I am not sure why Rockstar has decided to add milk to their version and advertise it as a "dairy beverage".


I normally don't take photos of what is inside the can, but I had to of this one as I assume some readers will be very curious.

The Horchata has a sweet creamy aroma with notes of rice, cinnamon and vanilla as your traditional horchata. The taste is very sweet at first and starts off heavy on the cream, which carries a balanced combination of cinnamon and vanilla. Some rice is present, but doesn't come out until close to the finish. The aftertaste is semi-dry, a bit sticky, creamy with medium notes of cinnamon and vanilla. The sweetness does tend to build up quickly so I suggest to give it a rest between gulps to recover, unless you are super into sugary things. Also, of course, this being mild-based beverage, the aftertaste quickly turns into this raunchy thing...but hey, that's milk for you.

The idea of a Rockstar Horchata sounded very awful to me at first, but after consuming the can, I have to say that I am sold on this flavor. I love all the individual components that have gone into making this - cinnamon, vanilla, rice, milk...caffeine. Love it.


There are 220 mg of caffeine in this can. Can this get any better? The effects come rolling in quickly, but gradually and very gently. I felt a jolt within 10 minutes but experienced no jitters. In another 5 minutes, my brain was whizzing. In another 10 minutes I was ready to go out and run around and jump. I got a good 4-5 hours out of this can and there were no ill side effects at the end.

The energy felt generous and concentrated.

Cost - $2.99 from WalMart in Maryland
Taste - 8.9/10
Energy - 9.5/10

Overall - 18.4/20...very unique, tasty and potent energy drink. One of the best I have had in a while even though I thought it was going to be nasty

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