Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Starbucks S'mores Frappuccino

I bought this new Starbucks concoction from a WalMart in Maryland when I was down there for the weekend. This bottled frappuccino flavor is not yet available in Canada, but judging by how all the others ones have made their way north of the border, it is only a matter of time.

I assume most readers do know what a s'more is, but for those who don't - a s'more is a toasted piece of marshmallow sandwiched between 2 pieces of graham crackers with a slab of chocolate in between...yup...sugar.


Off the bat the aroma tells you that this is no ordinary frappuccino flavor. Strong notes of burnt vanilla, honey, chocolate and biscuit come out with haste and fill the air around the bottle. Overpowering honey and vanilla are the things I taste first, followed by a chocolate punch, followed by more honey/vanilla sweetness. Yeah, this flavor is super sweet, just like a s'more. There is very little of the coffee flavor, which doesn't fully emerge until the aftertaste when the sweetness dies down a little. There are subtle, slightly bitter hints here and there throughout the flavor, but the sugary notes completely overpower it.

The taste is very sweet, though I liked it. I just can't see myself drinking more than a single bottle of this in a day. Much like I can't eat more than a single s'more. It is just way too sweet.


There is no caffeine content information on the label, but based on my experience with previous flavors and the kick I got out of this bottle, I would estimate the content to be around 115 mg.

Speaking of a kick, I got the sugar rush (without much jitters surprisingly) within a few minutes. In another 15 minutes I was ready to get out of the house and run around...and I did after I took a quick shower. The kick lasted for around 2.5 hours and there was no crash at the end.

Overall - very interesting flavor that captures the sweet character of the s'more.

Cost - $3.19 (I actually cannot recall exactly, but this seems fair)
Taste - 8.8/10
Energy - 7/10

Overall - 15.8/ very sweet, but captures the flavor of the s'more

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