Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cedar Cold Pressed Juice Orange Grapefruit Tumeric Ginger

Cold pressed juices have started to become more and more popular around our area. Even our local Bulk Barn has them. To admit, I am getting more and more curious. Makers compete with interesting flavor combinations and to attract buyers with some of the most amazing designs. Cedar is definitely at the top of the design game. I love the tall bottles with the simple labels. I don't love the $7 price, but after all, it is fresh juice.

There are many Cedar flavors, but at $7 a pop, I will take my time buying and reviewing them. After staring at the available flavors at the local Bulk Barn, I decided to go for the most refreshing sounding one - Orange, Grapefruit, Turmeric (which by the way is misspelled on the label) and Ginger! What a combo?

First off, you gotta love the bright orange color. The added turmeric really takes up the already bright orange juice to another level. The aroma is 90% oranges, 5% ginger and 5% everything else. The flavor is sooo refreshing with a blast of orange and grapefruit juice that lingers for a long time. Turmeric kicks in as well and lurks, but the grapefruit seriously overpowers it and everything else. Some ginger comes in near the finish and gives the aftertaste a slightly peppery tone. But again that grapefruit seriously overpowers it and creates a very long lasting finish similar to leaving a piece of peel in your mouth.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Love cold pressed juices. If you prefer to sit down and have a really fresh one, why not try The Cold Pressery.

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