Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Paca Cappuccino

I picked this Paca Cappuccino a few weeks ago from a nearby T&T Supermarket for only $0.99. They were having a sale on all of these Paca dry mix coffees, but only the Cappuccino one enticed me. I mean, how can you pass up on something like this?


Paca Cappuccino comes with no English instructions on how to make the coffee, but there is a picture with some arrows and numbers. From it, I deduced that first you add the instant coffee packet (there are 2 in the container), then add 210 mL of boiling water and then you add the second packet, which contains only some sweet white powder.

I followed these steps and ended up with something resembling a cappuccino - brown-ish liquid with a finger thick layer of off-white foam. I guess the white powder is the non-dairy milk that gives it the white foam.

The aroma is not the most enticing one since the hot coffee also seemed to be picking up some cardboard aromas from the container, but still beneath all that, you could tell that there was some coffee.

The coffee itself is nothing to get excited about. It starts off like burnt beans with a note of cardboard and transitions to a slightly sweet and milky coffee/cream-like combo with roasted notes. The aftertaste is where the coffee notes emerge and linger. Also there are no rancid off-flavors since there is no dairy.

Tough sell even for $0.99. I had a much better one in Japan.


I have no idea if the label even makes a mention of how much caffeine is in the container, but I will tell you that the kick I got was comparable to a cup of instant coffee. There was definitely a boost, but it falls short of a freshly brewed cup of coffee...even with a crappy, average blend like Folgers.

Still, I got enough of a boost in the afternoon to go on with my day like I had just woken up. I guess for $0.99, the kick is not too bad.

Cost - $0.99
Taste - 6.8/10
Energy - 6.9/10

Overall - 13.7/20...a little cardboard-y with a burnt coffee note, but an OK kick

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