Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grace Sparkling Coconut Water

For those of you who are not familiar, Grace is a manufacturer and distributor of Jamaican products across Canada and the Great Britain. In Canada, Grace's products are available at every grocery store that has even the tiniest international section.

Though Grace manufacturers and distributes Jamaican products, the coconut waters that I reviewed for this post are actually made in Vietnam because Vietnam is a huge grower and exporter of coconuts and coconut products.


This flavor has an earthy tone to its predominant coconut aroma. The carbonation is medium and fits the coconut flavor. Any more and I don't think it would have worked, any less and it would have been a tease. The coconut flavor has a medium intensity and is a little salty due to the carbonation process. The saltiness sounds odd, but it works and makes the drink even more refreshing than it already is and gives the finish a lingering and rich coconut aftertaste. This is nowhere as good as the fresh coconut juice I had at the Cold Pressery, but it is one of the better ones I have tried.

Taste - 9/10


Not much of a difference in color, but a sweet, floral aroma is present. The flavor is a little sweeter and very perfumy but without any apparent pomegranate notes. The flavor is muddled and seems like something is there in addition to the coconut, but not sure what. There is even no acidity that you would normally expect to taste in a pomegranate drink. Maybe I got a dud.

Taste - 6/10


This one seems to have a slight yellow tint to it. The lemon comes through in the aroma and mixed with the coconut creates a creamy illusion. The lemon flavor is very light throughout and is eclipsed by the coconut for most parts. It does come out in the finish and gives the aftertaste a lingering, refreshing lemon note. Surprisingly good combination of flavors. Very refreshing.

Taste - 9.2/10

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  1. I have been having Grace coconut water for long. My friends recommend me Tiana Coconut Water. All these manufacturers make us confused regarding which health drink is better than the other. Thank you for reviewing the product in this much detail.

    Mantis Hugo