Wednesday, September 9, 2015

GoodDrink Organic Spritzter Ruby Red Grapefruit

The 2015 Labour Day weekend was relaxing enough to give me the boost I needed to plow through a bunch of drinks sitting in the fridge. This Ruby Red Grapefruit is the last of my GoodDrink beverages and I am so very glad I left it alone until the 40+ C Labour Day Monday.

First, a bit of info on the GoodDrink beverage. I got this for $2.99 from Marcello's City Market at Shaw and King West in Toronto and there were tons when I was there in early August, 2015. Can't wait to go back and buy some other refreshing drinks there.

OK, now back to the Ruby Red that has been tempting me from the corner of my desk for the past few minutes with its glistening can and pale red/orange insides. Let me start by saying how AMAZING the aroma is!!! I almost lost it when I smelled it. It is like someone grabbed the freshest grapefruit and used my nose to squeeze all the juice out. The flavor is UNREAL! I had to make myself leave the glass on the desk so that I can write what this tastes like. I really wanted to consume this in one go.

Like the aroma, the flavor is as fresh as it gets short of squeezing a fresh grapefruit. The sweetness is just right to avoid build up and enough to give you a sweet twist. If you are the kind of person that enjoys that grapefruit bitterness, you will be happy to know that there is some of it in the finish for that authentic finish. Some lingering sweetness comes in after the bitterness slowly dethroning it. The leftover grapefruit notes are long deep. The best GoodDrink spritzter!

Taste - 10/10...loved everything about this one. Definitely buying more

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