Friday, October 23, 2015

Sparkling Yunker

OK, I admit, this is an odd one, but I can't just walk past it and not try it. Sparkling Yunker (amazing translation by the way) is an energy drink packed with a bunch of herbs, Q10 and some other vitamins. I bought it from an Asian grocery store in Toronto for $1 a month or so ago. The lack of any flavor information on the can really peaked my interest so I just had to try it.


The drink has a very pale and cloudy yellow/beige color that reminds me a lot of watered down lemonade. It smells like a blend of herbs, flowers, lemon and some other mysterious scents. The flavor is very sour with traces of lemon. There is a mild blend of ginseng and guarana overtone that gives the flavor a slightly bitter and earthy feel. The finish is dry and semi-clean with traces of ginseng and lemon giving it both sour and bitter characteristics.

The flavor is very unique to someone who doesn't have as much exposure to the Asian beverage market. I found the drink refreshing but had a hard time finishing it because of the sour and herbal character.


There are 30 mg of caffeine in this 190 mL container, which is low, but there are other ingredients that give you a boost. I got pepped up within minutes of consuming the can. There were no jitters but I felt very energized with the kind of energy that makes you want to run around.

The boost was quick and intense, but didn't last as long as other drinks packing the caffeine punch. The effects were certainly unique, but what I would do is consume this drink first, then wait for 40 mins for the effects to start winding down and follow up with a coffee.

Cost - $1
Taste - 6/10
Energy - 5.5/10

Overall - 11.5/20...unique sour/bitter/herbal flavor with an intense, but short-lived boost

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