Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Little Big Shot Energy Mixed Berry

Little Big Shot Energy is a UK energy drink without the caffeine or taurine. The label states that the energy comes from the "energy releasing vitamins" so I bought myself a can from the local health store to give it a shot. This 250 mL retails for $2.49 from Essence of Life in Kensington Market in Toronto, but I am sure it is sold other places as well, because the label has been properly done in English and French and it is not just a sticker.


The aroma is very intense with pomegranate, hibiscus and blackcurrants being the dominant notes. The taste is similar with pomegranate being the front most dominant flavor, while the blackcurrants come up from behind to finish it off. Right before the finish, a wave of tart lemon kicks in to give this beverage a clean finish. The hibiscus is very subtle and doesn't appear until well into the aftertaste once the lemon washes off.

This drink is intense. The flavors are all very well done and alternate. Each one is well defined and is not lost in a generic mix of berries. The sweetness and tartness are very well balanced and it never got too sweet or too tart.


Welp, there is no caffeine. There is ginseng, B6, B12 and a mix of minerals. I didn't get a rush like I do with regular energy drinks, but I did find myself a little more focused and perky after 10 or so minutes. The feeling lasted for about 30 minutes and then I felt very calm, but not super energetic. Not sure if this is a placebo effect or if this is what this drink is supposed to do, but I liked it.

Cost - $2.49
Taste - 9.8/10
Energy - meeeeh...

Overall - 9.8/10...not rating the energy since it doesn't stand a chance against the big, sugary brands

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