Friday, January 8, 2016

GoodDrink Classic Bottled Tea

This collection of GoodDrink's Classic Bottled Teas is another one I received from the kind folks at Pacific Bottleworks.

Iced Tea with Lemon

Aaah, the classic. Why not start with it to set a baseline?

GoodDrink's Iced Tea opens up with a bold and rich tea aroma with a lemony twist. The taste starts off on a earthy black tea note, but the lemon quickly comes and adds a complimentary note without stealing focus. The lemon gives the tea some bite around the jawline and depth. Its presence intensifies a little right before the finish, helping give the tea a slightly tart, dry, and moderately clean end with medium aftertaste.

Super refreshing iced tea that is not too sweet. The focus is on the tea and the lemon acts as an enjoyable complimentary flavor. Unlike other iced teas that use sugar and acidity to cover up the weak tea flavor, this one allows the bold earthy flavors to come through to show off the quality.

Taste - 9.5/10

White Tea with Blueberry

I love the gentle nature of white tea. When I used to drink more tea, I was buying white tea that looked like twigs, but had the most incredible light, yet creamy and earthy flavor. It was great.

GoodDrink's White Tea has a similar light earthy aroma with a very subtle blueberry note. The taste is absolutely amazing. It tastes like the best thing ever when you are really thirsty. At the start you get a very lightly blueberry note, followed by the light and earthy white tea flavor. A few moments later the two flavors become a bit more intense and blend very well to create a flavorful, yet very light combination. The finish is semi-dry and relatively clean with only subtle traces of blueberries in the aftertaste.

This is a fantastic bottled tea!

Taste - 10/10

Green Tea with Lemon and Honey

This one is an eastern twist on a western classic but GoodDrink have done very good job at finding the right balance between all the ingredients.

The aroma is dominated by intense lemon and honey and there are just faint traces of the green tea. The taste is milder with lemon being the dominant flavor all throughout. The green tea adds a round softness to the lemon making the overall taste very enjoyable. Honey comes in at the end and lingers well into the aftertaste. Despite being sweetened with both honey and cane sugar, the sweetness level never builds up in this tea.

Taste - 9.2/10

Peach Tea with Apple

I was expecting this to smell and taste like a sweet peach juice, but it actually has a very well built earthy tea aroma with complimentary peach notes with traces of apples. You get a burst of light sweetness with a bit of tartness at the start of each sip. Ripe peach flavor follows closely, along with light and earthy black tea making up the base. Sweet apple notes poke here and there but don't truly emerge on their own until the finish and linger well into the aftertaste. A very light sweetness builds up with each sip, but the tart start keeps under control.

Taste - 9.3/10

Mango Tea with Hibiscus and Vanilla

This is a rather interesting one. Vanilla is an ingredient I have seen in soda drinks as well as some loose leaf teas, but never in an iced tea. The added vanilla gives this mango tea an interesting, ice cream-like aroma. The taste is similarly altered - creamy vanilla at the start, followed by a well done mango flavor, followed by a hibiscus finish. The flavors move in order and each one is easily distinguishable, but they also create a harmonious overall flavor and give the beverage a rounded and enjoyable finish.

The vanilla does make this drink seem a little sweet, but surprisingly there is about half as much sugar in the entire bottle than there is in a can of Coke.

Taste - 9/10

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