Thursday, July 28, 2016

Red Bull Blue Edition Japan

Don't confuse this new Japanese Red Bull with the Blue Edition one that was released a few years ago. This new one is exclusive to Japan but you can get one on eBay for $5 plus shipping. I ended up paying around $14 CDN for everything.


Dark purple liquid pours out of the can and fills the air around with intense grape aromas. The carbonation aids in distributing bursts of aroma evenly and far away. Up close you can smell the grape skins. This has to be the most intense smelling Red Bull ever.

The flavor is almost the same - very intense concord grape with a ton of blackcurrants that boost up the intensity even more. It is so fresh and rich. Amazing....but this Red Bull is not without its flaws. Near the finish there is a brief moment where you get a hint of something medicinal that is just a touch bitter. However, that is quickly killed by the intensity of the flavor.

Still, best Red Bull I have tasted.


Not much new on the energy front. There are 80 mg of caffeine and the effects are the same as any other Red Bull so I will copy some text from another Red Bull review - I got really hyped up and jittery within 10 minutes for about 20 minutes and then I just felt energized and just a touch less jittery. The effects ended much drama for me because I had just gotten up, but if you were to have this in the afternoon or evening, be ready for a crash.

Cost - $5 on eBay, around $14 CDN with shipping
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 6/10

Overall - 15.5/ grape, love blackcurrants, love this combination!

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