Thursday, August 18, 2016

Xyience Melon Mayhem

I have been on the hunt for this one for years. And thanks to my friend at Energy Drink Heaven, I finally got one.


Xyience's Melon flavor has an interesting hazy, pale yellow, light straw color that almost looks like those white/beige gummy bears you can get. It also smells like a gummy candy and maybe a little bit like honeydew. The taste is a little different than I imagined because I was expecting more cantaloupe and honeydew, but I got traces of watermelon with an moderate sour bite. At first none of the flavors were easily identifiable and it all tasted like one ball of fruits, but after a couple of sips the flavors started to break out and the aftertaste started to develop a mild cantaloupe note, which got better with each sip. At one point I started to notice a minty singe like Rockstar's Freeze. Things just got better and better as I kept drinking this.

Though this is a zero sugar drink, the sweeteners are not as apparent and strong and are well hidden by the drink's sour side and its minty finish.


There are 88 mg of caffeine per 8 oz for a total of around 176 mg for the entire can. The effects are noticeable within 15 minutes and start off with the haze lifting from your mind and a surge in focus, followed by a desire to run around. I felt a bit jittery at one point, but thankfully that didn't last as long as a sugar drink.

The kick came in another 20 minutes later and lasted for 3-4 hours. It ended with a mild crash, but nothing I wasn't able to recover from with a glass of water. I bet that if you were to drink water throughout that energy period, it would not even exist.

Cost - unsure, but check Energy Drink Heaven
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 8.2/10

Overall - 16.2/20...solid energy drink with an interesting watermelon/cantaloupe/honeydew flavor

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