Monday, August 15, 2016

Bang Star Blast Energy Drink Review

Bang is not sold in stores in Canada, but the good folks at Energy Drink Heaven hooked me up with a can. I also learned that Bang is made by the same guys who make the super potent Redline energy drink/shot hybrid this should be good.


I didn't know what to expect from a flavor called Star Blast, which is why I decided to try it first.

Star Blast smells like a bag of gummy bears with an intense tropical aroma! The taste is similar and adds a candy-like sweetness layer making this flavor much more like gummy bears. The sweetness is interesting because it almost feels like something you get from real sugar, but there is no sugar here. Of course this doesn't last forever and after a few moments you can taste traces of sweetener, but still. While you are drinking this, it really does taste like real sugar.

The aftertaste is sweet and gets sweeter with each sip. Normally energy drinks add citric acid, or something similar, to give the finish some crispness, but there isn't enough of it here (actually ascorbic acid is used here). The sweetness is nice at first because it feels like you just had some gummy bears, but it becomes too much by the end of the can.


There are 300 mg of caffeine in this can! I can't remember the last time I had something with 300 mg of caffeine thanks to tightening regulations in Canada and south of the border. A such, the effects are quick and  intense.

I felt this wave of energy and focus rush towards me within 15 minutes of opening the drink. The focus lasted for good 15 minutes before the caffeine got the better of me and made me want to run around. No wonder gym nuts love this drink.

The energy was clean and lasted for almost 5 hours. The end came with a mild crash but some water and tea helped restore my energy levels.

Cost - courtesy of Energy Drink Heaven
Taste - 8.5/10
Energy - 10/10

Overall - 18.5/20...a little too sweet for me, but what a rush


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