Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Redline Xreme Triple Berry Energy Drink Review

Wait, is this an energy drink or is it an energy shot? This is a topic I have been debating myself on ever since I first saw and tried a Redline drink...shot? There are 240 mL of liquid in the container and it clearly says to not consume the bottle at once due to the amount of caffeine present. This then would make each serving a large energy shot rather than an energy drink (OK, you can by Mother half shot in Australia, which is a half energy drink, but that doesn't count). On the other hand, though, if you disregard the suggestions and warnings on the label, this falls short by 10 mL of the small energy drink category. So....what is your opinion on this?


The taste is rather sweet with an enjoyable medley of berries. Surprisingly the taste isn't one of those messes of flavours where you cannot pick out the individual notes. Blueberries are dominant and are the first thing you taste and the one note that lingers well throughout the aftertaste. Second comes a short-lived intense burst of sour raspberries which is a very nice addition to the taste. Third are blackberries which are very subtle and do not appear until near the finish and I was able to really taste them only in the aftertaste. Though there is a lot of caffeine in the container, there are absolutely no medicinal traces in the taste. Amazing!

As expected, there is a diet taste in the aftertaste, however, it is rather light compared to some of the other sugar free drinks on the market. Also, I found the taste after the sour raspberry burst to be on the sweeter side for my liking so I had to resort to something less sweet at the end to balance it out.


As any other Redline product, there is a lot of caffeine in this container - 316 mg in total, or 158 mg per serving. The energy was slow for me at first but once I got past the 20 minute mark my mind and body just blew up from the raw energy. I started experiencing a bit of jitters and had the urge to get up and get things done.

The energy was way too raw for me to be able to concentrate on doing mental work, but this was perfect for doing physical work.

The effects lasted for hours and I did experience a mild crash at the end. Yep, this is a serious drink.

Cost - $3.29
Taste - 8.5/10
Energy - 10/10

Overall - 18.5/20...tons of raw energy...with a great taste

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