Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bean & Body Bean of Paradise Coffee Coconut Review

This is another Bean & Body can I picked up from a Meijer's in Michigan for $1.69. I really enjoyed their previous flavour so I couldn't say no to trying another one.


The label pretty much speaks for itself - this tastes like a coconut coffee. The coffee starts off very flowery and grassy, but the milky coconut flavour comes in quickly after. For a moment it seems like you are drinking  coconut water, but coffee notes do emerge and take you to the finish. The finish is a blend of coconut and mild coffee hints.

The beverage is very well balanced and it is neither too sweet, or too milky or too bitter. The only flavour that pulls it off-center is the coconot flavour, however, I found that this gave the drink a very nice character that I enjoyed very much. I really liked the previous Bean & Body I had, but this is soooo much better in my own opinion.


On the downside, there are only 48 mg of caffeine. I really wish I had read this before purchasing just one can of this. I could have easily bought and consumed 2-3 at once not only for the extra caffeine, but also for the amazing taste.

I had this first thing in the morning, around 5:00 a.m., and it gave me an amazing, but short lasting boost. I should also mention that unlike other nights, I did have plenty of sleep.

My advice is to buy and drink at least 2 of these to hit a good 

Cost - $1.69
Taste - 9.8/10
Energy - 4.8/10

Overall - 14.6/20...I said the previous Bean & Body was the best tasting iced coffee, but this takes its place


  1. Nice to hear you were chilling in my hometown bro

    1. It's my new thing - every time I visit family in Windsor, I pop over the border for cheap groceries and to look for interesting energy drinks. Not much time to do reviews lately, though.