Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bean & Body Coffee Energy Bean of Renewal Review

I picked up this can from a Meijer's in Michigan for $1.69. Though the label design is nothing to get excited about, I absolutely loved the feel of the can in my hand. At the store I thought the can was semi-matte, but I don't really think it is. Something about it makes my fingertips think that this is matte. Weird.


For those wondering, this is indeed an iced coffee. Milk is the second ingredient on the list. I only say this because at first I thought this was just cold brewed coffee with some other non-milk additives.

The taste is fantastic. There is a decent coffee punch at the start complemented by a smooth and mellow character of the added milk. The coffee flavour is present throughout and is never overpowered by the milk or the other ingredients. It also lingers well into the aftertaste right until you start getting that raunchy, milky note.

The sweetness is perfect - neither too sweet, nor not sweet enough, which makes this drink extremely easy to consume even in one go.

The label mentions that yerba mate has been added, however, the coffee/milk combo overpowers it. You have to try really hard to detect anything and if you are successful, you will just get a brief bitter, earthy note.

I really liked the taste of this iced coffee and I look forward to trying all of the flavours.


There are 135 mg of caffeine in the can, which is ~69% more than a comparable can of Red Bull (and a can of Red Bull is 10 mL larger). Yep, this can packs a serious kick for something of its size.

The initial effects are noticeable within 15 minutes of starting to consume the drink. I say this because I only had a few sips the first few minutes and then I slammed the rest of it. If you were to drink the whole can at once, you will probably feel something within 10 minutes.

The kick comes in gradually and started with me waking up from my zombie-like state. Within another 15-20 minutes I was feeling the effects of the coffee and was fully alert and energized. The kick lasted for about 2 hours and ended without a crash.

Cost - $1.69 from Meijer's
Taste - 9.5/10
Energy - 7.5/10

Overall - 17/20...delicious iced coffee with a great kick for a 240 mL energy drink

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