Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shockwave Energy Drink Review

On my way out of Michigan I stopped at a Speedway to fill up taking advantage of the lower gas prices and to also check out the energy drink section. I wasn't disappointed when I did. I found a bunch of these Shockwave energy drinks that were 2 for $2. Soooo....I picked up a bunch and here is the first review.


Normally when there are multiple flavours in a line of drinks, the front of the label would indicate what each color tastes like, but this blue can has nothing on it. Perhaps this was the first one that was introduced and maybe it is known as the regular flavour.

I am a bit disappointed, the energy drink has a yellowy color, not blue. It tastes like a regular NOS mixed with a little bit of cheap orange juice. There are orange, passion fruit and mango notes which at first are bold when you are drinking it, but die down a bit when you are done. After a few sips the taste starts to build up and more of the flavours linger well into the aftertaste. I was expecting this drink to be sweet due to its low cost, but it is not much sweeter than comparable energy drinks twice the cost.

I like NOS so therefore I liked the taste of this one. That said the flavour is nothing original, but for $2 it is a damn good deal.


The energy blend is a composition of taurine, caffeine, inositol and coenzyme Q10 and is 1,216 mg, but the actual caffeine content is not listed anywhere. A quick Internet search reveals nothing as well, so if you know how much caffeine is in this drink, please let us know.

The kick is like most other drinks this size - quick sugary rush to jolt you awake and give you some jitters (there are 66 g of sugar in the can!), followed by a caffeine rush which lasts about 1.5 - 2 hours. Yes, this one is a bit shorter than other energy drinks this size, which leads me to believe that there are less than 160 mg of caffeine.

Cost - 2 for $2 at Speedway
Taste - 8/10
Energy - 6.7/10

Overall - 14.7/20...decent budget energy drink, but needs more caffeine


  1. Hey I was wondering if you can do a review on this energy drink ?

  2. I have started buying these as well. I buy the 'Orange Mango' as it only has 90 calories per can instead of 220 like most others. B6 and B12 vitamin contents are higher with this than others with 200% and 190% respectively. The 'Proprietary blend' is higher also at 1590 milligrams. Sugar is much lower at 22g. I like to shave calories when I can but have a serious dislike for most 0-calorie versions of energy drinks.

    Flavor is not very 'Orange Mango-e', but I like it.

    Economy: At $1 a can, you cannot beat it. Cheaper than a Pepsi!
    Rate flavor at 15 /20
    Energy is about a 6 /10 No real crash though.

  3. I have been drinking energy drinks since 2000 when I switched off of coffee!.. Speedway was relatively a new gas station in my area so naturally I stopped often. I discovered the Shockwave after a trip for a full throttle failed as they were fresh out. So i picked up a few of these as there was only one other option which was a rockstar which i had a tough time with its tendency to upset my stomach. Anyhow, I too was impressed for the price but honestly there are days that NOZ is just too sweet and I crave more of that Grapefruit/citrus flavor so I choose Shockwave! Plus every 7th is free.