Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sleep Ease Relaxation Shot Review

OK, I made it up. It doesn't say "Relaxation Shot" on the label, but I thought it might be the best way to describe this shot.


My god this shot has the most vile smell I have ever had the misfortune to experience. It is a blend of sweaty socks, sewage and plastic. The initial taste is equally disgusting, however, shortly after a burst of sourness strong enough to defeat the sewage taste comes through and knocks up the taste a few notches. Unfortunately the sourness is very short-lived and the sewage taste returns quickly.

Either this is a bad batch or this shot is the worst-tasting shot I have ever tried.


Unfortunately I could not finish the shot fearing that this might be a spoiled batch. The most I could drink was about half the little bottle. From the 30 or so mL I consumed, I did feel very relaxed and even a little sleepy. I think this might be a great shot, but the taste is just so vile.

If someone from Stacker is reading this, let me know if this is a bad batch or if the shot tastes like this. Codes on the bottom are L#2, 01/19/16/SLPES.

Cost - $2.99
Taste - 0/10
Performance - 5/10 (pure guess)

Overall - 5/20...worst-tasting shot I have ever tried and the first I couldn't finish


  1. i recently obtained a bottle, L#2 01/20/16/SLPES, and it tasted just fine (grape flavor). it appears you may have gotten a bad batch. Hope you'll have a better luck on your future purchase.

  2. Nah mine tasted somewhat fine (for all the supplements drinks and shots in the world usually will taste bad) If you are doing this shot to feel ;) " Relaxed " ;) Drink 1 and a half and have some caffeine