Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Marley Mellow Mood Bartlett Pear Black Tea Zero Sugar

I bought this new Marley Mellow Mood from a 7-11 for $3.29. Not all carry it, but if you go to a 7-11 at a more public/populated location, you should be able to find it.


The aroma coming off this beverage is amazing. I don’t know how they did it, but it feels like I am holding and smelling an actual Bartlett pear. Amazing! 

Buuuuuut the aroma is where the amazement stops. The taste takes a different path and the sugar-free nature of it is in your face in every sip. There is a heavy sweetener presence at the start of each sip that stays with you through the sip and well into the aftertaste. A semi-fake sweetened pear note appears half-way through but stays with the sweetener well into the aftertaste. I said semi because at times in the aftertaste it feels like you just had a Bartlett pear.

The black tea tones have been dialled down and make brief appearances towards the end of each sip and in pockets here and there in the aftertaste as a slightly acidic hint.


This flavour has 80 mg of the relaxation blend and performs somewhere in between the new Marley I had a few weeks ago and the original releases that contained 100 mg. Within 15-20 minutes of taking the first sip I was starting to feel a bit more sluggish and could feel that the desire to sleep would overcome me at some point in the near future. And it did within another 20 minutes. Definitely don’t operate a heavy vehicle if you consumed one of these. Even if you can fight off the desire to sleep, your state will be altered and your reactions will be delayed. 

Pretty good drink if you want to chill or have problems falling asleep.

Cost - $3.29
Taste - 7.8/10
Performance - 9/10

Overall - 16.8/20…works as advertised but the flavour would have been much better if it had sugar

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