Friday, October 28, 2016

Marley Mellow Mood Mixed Berry Sparkling Water

There are so many energy waters this summer so I guess shouldn't be so surprised that Marley Mellow Mood has decided to do a sparkling water relaxation drink.


The super light pink sparkling beverage is super weird tasting. At least at first. The initial taste is this sour, artificially sweetened (erythritol), artificially flavored medley of berries which gets amplified by the carbonated nature of the drink. Once the carbonation dies  you are left with the artificial berry mess that is hard to separate out and focus on individual flavors. Is there raspberry? Maybe? Maybe it is cherry, or maybe it is cranberry. Even the label doesn't say what the mixed berry is actually. 

Not a fan at all.


There are 80 mg of the relaxation blend, which is more than some of the other flavors that contain 50 mg. So despite its odd flavor, the beverage works...sort of. Each cold, carbonated sip actually pepped me up a little. This would have worked a little better if it was non-carbonated.

Anywaaaays, after a long evening of work involving some more coffee than I am used to, I had to consume this beverage to force myself to sleep. I was feeling the calming effects within 20-30 minutes despite the pep effect each sip had. My eye lids were getting heavy within another 10, but I was starting to feel the struggle with the coffee that was still in my system. I felt parts of my body tremble a bit and cursed myself for having that one coffee so late. Despite the heaviness of my eye lids, it took a lot longer for me to fully calm down and go to sleep than the times I didn't have a late coffee. Curses!!! Still, that's on me and not Marley.

Cost - $3.29
Taste - 5/10
Performance - 9/10

Overall - 14/20...probably the least tasty Marley to date

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